A collection of stories I’ve published in different sites.

The Texas Tribune, Austin, Texas
U.S. Reps Hurd, Castro rally for bipartisanship on the border
In sweltering heat, U.S. Rep. Will Hurd and the mayors of the border towns of Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña held hands — presumably sweaty ones — with residents from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border on Saturday. It was a gesture they hoped would represent the unity and interdependency between their cities. more…

In an apparent case of mistaken identity, father caught in ICE sting
With Donald Trump in the White House and rumors of widespread law enforcement raids percolating throughout her heavily immigrant community in North Austin, Irma Perez said she decided to help pay off her brother’s unpaid tickets to help him avoid any trouble.

It would lead to her own family’s undoing. more…

The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia
French millennials talk about life in a country struggling with unemployment, migration and terrorism
PARIS — As France scrambles to establish its place in post-Brexit Europe, French millennials find their country in transition and their own status uncertain. The Washington Post recently interviewed French millennials in disparate corners of Paris on the eve of Britain’s startling vote to leave the European Union. The voices included young people at each end of the political spectrum and many points between, ranging from a leader of the anti-immigrant National Front to a survivor of the terrorist attack that left 89 dead in November at the Bataclan theater. more…

La Prensa Gráfica San Salvador, El Salvador
Refugio: Una Oportunidad Para Pocos
Son 1,997 niños salvadoreños quienes deben convencer a autoridades estadounidenses de que sus vidas corren riesgo en El Salvador. De lograrlo, podrán entrar como refugiados a Estados Unidos bajo el programa de menores Centroamericanos (CAM). Lanzado en diciembre de 2014 por el vicepresidente estadounidense Joe Biden, en reacción a la crisis de menores no acompañados, el programa se vio como una solución factible para familias salvadoreñas, guatemaltecas y hondureñas separadas por la inmigración. more… 

New York Daily News New York, New York
‘Hamilton’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda calls on Congress to amend law to help Puerto Rico
Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” and several New York members of Congress offered a proposal Tuesday to fix a quirk in federal law that bars Puerto Rico from declaring bankruptcy to give it more time to settle its $72 billion debt. more…

USNews & World Report Washington, District of Columbia
AFL-CIO protests federal deportations
When 12-year-old Joel Salazar lived in El Salvador, he was beaten by gang members on his way to school for failing to pay “la renta” — extortion money. His mother, who already had fled to the United States, told Joel to leave the country before gang members killed him. more…

The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia
We ask first generation voters ‘What does this election mean to you?’ (contributor)
David Valdés is excited to be voting for the first time this year. He grew up mostly in Venezuela but came to Miami about a year and a half ago, enrolling in Miami Dade College as a computer science major. more…


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